Stone Masonry

As with other types of construction, the construction of stone masonry structures requires precise planning, proper measurement, proper leveling, adequate ventilation, and the use of appropriate tools. 

A well-planned and constructed stone outdoor space or patio in Boston will stand the test of time. Besides, a stone structure’s appearance is usually very pleasing to the eye and will quickly add value and a taste of luxury to your home.

Stonepro Paving & Masonry offers our service throughout Boston, and we pride ourselves on bringing value and great work to our clients.

Stone masonry fireplace at dusk
Custom stone masonry in a backyard
Custom masonry work in a backyard fire pit

Stone Masonry Installation

Stonepro offers stone masonry work throughout Boston and the Greater Boston Area. People worldwide are fascinated by stone masonry and the beauty it can add wherever it is. The main reason behind the popularity of stone structures is their resistance to the elements and their versatility. 

You can never go wrong with concrete structures because of their lasting power and natural beauty, but stone structures have a special attraction because they require less maintenance and last longer. Moreover, the stone is also very easy to work with, and its designing process involves various levels of expertise.

Our contractors possess a vast knowledge of the material and are experienced enough to work on various stone materials. Our professionals can work within your budget and time frame. By hiring a contractor from Stonepro, you can save time and money.

Stone Masonry Maintenance

Stone masonry cleaning can be a complicated and time-consuming job for most homeowners, as many things need to be done when cleaning. Stone structures make excellent additions to homes and should be cared for accordingly. Many stone structures will need to be cleaned up regularly; however, the more elaborate the structure, the more often it is likely to need to be cleaned. In most cases, it will also be necessary to have the foundation reinforced and repaired to protect the stone from continued damage. If the stone is damaged enough during cleaning, then it might even have to be replaced entirely.

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