Garage Floor Company Boston

Transform Your Garage.

    Garage Floor Company Boston

    Our licensed flooring specialists have over 30 years of experience installing garage floors for both residential and commercial clients. 

    We take pride in our craftsmanship and ensure the highest quality materials are used on your floors.

    A new garage floor is an investment, making your garage safer, cleaner and more functional. Plus, a finely finished garage increases your home’s value.

    Prostone, a garage floor coating specialist in Boston, MA, can provide a variety of options for high-quality, custom garage floors.  A garage floor coating from Prostone is guaranteed to hold up to even the toughest applications, ensuring that you’ll get the most long-lasting service and value out of your investment.  Ask our team about our garage coating solutions


    Our team also offers a variety of colors and finishes for you to choose from.  We utilize high-quality, durable products that extend the life of your investment.

    Prostone is fully licensed and insured to take on any garage repair or replacement. Our staff is trained to evaluate and remedy a wide variety of cracks, peels and stains on your garage floor. Our estimates are always free, and if you think that you need to repair or replace your garage floor, our team can help. We have been in the business for many years, and enjoy protecting our clients’ biggest asset, their home.


    Garage Floor Company Boston

    Garage Floor Solutions

    Prostone offers professional garage floor repair and replace solutions, including sealants & epoxy coatings. Our team offers free estimates and multiple options to protect and repair or enhance your garage floor.

    Free Estimates

    We never charge for estimates. Our staff will schedule an estimate with you, evaluate your project, and create a strategic plan to effectively repair or replace your garage floor. We promise.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our team operates at a high level and we have high standards for your project. Prostone understands that when you pay hard earned money for a service, you expect results. With Prostone you can expect code compliant work.

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