Custom Masonry Services

Our custom masonry work offers many benefits to our clients in Boston, Massachusetts, that can be seen in people’s homes for who we have completed work in the past. The people who live in houses with masonry work we have completed have an improved sense of pride in their home, and they all have thoroughly enjoyed the outcome of our service. These people have greater peace of mind because these projects are well-designed and built to last. They have extra security knowing that the job we have done to improve their homes has both practical and aesthetic benefits.

Custom fireplace at a home
Completed masonry work on an outdoor area
Custom masonry brick laying

Masonry Installation

When it comes to masonry installation, there are many different types of materials that you can use. The type of material our professionals will use depends on the type of structure you are installing and the local codes and regulations. Our experts provide custom brick masonry work and custom stone masonry work to add value and beauty to your home and outdoor space. 

Our masonry installation professionals at Prostone stay up-to-date with local codes and regulations to ensure any updates in local codes and regulations are applied at each of our jobs.

We put a large emphasis on safety at each job site. When you are doing any construction related work, you want to ensure that you do not have any mishaps or injuries because of inexperience or using out-of-date equipment. 

If you plan on having any cutting done or any drilling, work with the professionals at StonePro.

Masonry Repair

To determine if your home is suitable for masonry repair, contact a masonry repair expert at Stonepro today. We will provide you an estimate, which will include materials and labor. We look for any damage that may have occurred, whether through wear and tear or recent storm damage. This allows our team to understand what steps need to be taken to complete the repair promptly.

Our team of professionals has many positive reviews, and you can trust we will provide great work and outstanding customer service at an affordable price. We answer all of your questions upon initial inspection, inform you of the best options for your repair, then include you in our process until completion.

Our experienced technicians complete the repair work properly, without doing any damage to your home or outdoor space. You can contact our team in Boston, MA, to provide a quote on your next masonry repair job in the Boston area.

Masonry brick repair work
Worker completing masonry repair work

Masonry Maintenance & Cleaning

To prevent serious damages, masonry maintenance and cleaning must be given a high level of importance. Some of the most common problems often caused by negligence include cracks, breaks, disrepair, corrosion, and water damage. All these problems can create difficulties in the long run, affecting the whole structure and affecting its longevity. The best way of preventing such problems is to have your masonry maintenance done regularly, and if you neglect this duty, you can end up spending a lot of money on repairs.

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