Brick And Block Work

Brick and block work structures are the epitome of architectural strength, character, and durability. As such, brick work is a necessity in today’s world and an art form. The process of laying brick and mortar is known to be one of the oldest in building construction and one that Prostone Paving & Masonry does well. While certain brick works have been around for over four thousand years, modern brick work techniques have made incredible advances. From simple residential buildings to corporate structures, brick is the answer that you are looking for. It adds warmth and character to a home.

Brick work back drop during sunset
Brick work being completed by an employee
Outdoor brick area in a garden

Brick Installation

People choose to go with bricks for the outdoor space at their homes because this is a building material that can provide you with a very sturdy and long-lasting structure that will be able to withstand some of the worse weather conditions you will find around your home. 

Many people choose brick structures for their home because they are effortless to work with, and they come in a wide range of different colors, so you can go with something that compliments or contrasts with your home and surrounding yard. 

Bricks are also very durable and strong, and when combined with the right materials, they can create a very sturdy structure that will be able to last you many years and keep standing as the structure itself evolves with time.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should choose bricks for your next home construction project. All it takes is our professionals guiding you through the process, and you will have a beautiful new outdoor space.

Block Work Installation

When designing and creating a backyard that will make you proud of your home, block work is always a great answer. Aesthetically, block work is a great way to complement your outdoor area and add a layer of safety as well. 

With block driveway or walkway patterns, you can be sure that this project will be completed with safety in mind, and your new blockwork feature will continue to look attractive year after year.

Another reason to choose block work for your outdoor area at your home is it creates a functional outdoor area that is also structurally sound.

Our experienced technicians provide block work to our customers throughout the Greater Boston Area and know just how much value it can add to your home. You can contact our team in Boston, MA, to provide a quote on your next asphalt repair job throughout the area.

Block work at a home in Boston
Unfinished block work installation

Brick And Block Work Maintenance

Providing regular maintenance and cleaning to your brick and block work is essential because it can pick up any dirt, debris, and damage from your surrounding environment. For instance, if your lawn is covered with a lot of grass or you have recently had a major storm, maintenance and cleaning may be necessary. Rinsing off your dirt, debris, or any other built-up allergen regularly will extend the life of your brick and block work and ensure that it is left looking new for an extended period of time. The professionals at Stonepro Paving & Masonry are more than happy to help with this process.

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